01. make multimedia for non-profits and NGOs

The first featured career path for the Next Generation Journalist is not so new, but it is yet to reach full bloom. It’s about applying your research, storytelling, writing and multimedia production skills to produce powerful content for the third sector.

In the US and Europe a fresh crop of companies are making this work. In North America, companies like MediaStorm, Weyo and Story4 are independent companies producing content for NGOs and non-profits as well as editorial clients. In Europe, the competition is smaller, with just a handful of businesses starting to establish themselves, including Duckrabbit, Not On The Wires, Snappin’ Turtle and the Bombay Flying Club.

But this is a sector with huge potential which is why I think it’s a great opportunity for journalists.

If you get it right, the money is there. Brian Storm, who founded MediaStorm, says 2009 was their best year ever – but when I spoke to him in February they had already booked in 65% of that for 2010. MediaStorm actually turn down 70% of work because they’re so busy. Do you want a piece of that pie?

Setting up a multimedia production company…

gives you the chance to focus on telling compelling stories, often about unreported issues

lets you build a solid business and brand with a well defined market

markets to a sector with a lot of money, and minimal expertise in journalism

is a lot cheaper and quicker to do than ever before

If you’re thinking of doing this yourself (and remember the risks are smaller than they ever have been), Brian Storm’s advice is act quick. “I predict there’ll be 150 companies just like MediaStorm within 18 months” he told me, “we actually have a workshop teaching people to do what we do.”

So what do third sector organisations look for in companies & journalists who approach them?

“The people we’ve worked with so far have had a very strong storytelling philosophy” says Pete Masters who has commissioned pieces for the international charity Medicins Sans Frontiers, including Condition Critical which contains work by both Duckrabbit & MediaStorm. “Understand what you’re about,” is Pete’s advice, “and understand what we’re about. We get calls from journalists and it’s clear we’re on a list.” He also says people who approach him need to have a strong body of work in their portfolio – but it doesn’t necessarily need to be directly related to the sector.

In the e-book…

…you’ll get more detail about the business models of these type of companies, plus a bonus chapter of practical advice on finding clients. There’s also an entrepreneurship checklist to see whether your business idea stands up. On top of that you’ll get advice from Brian Storm and Pete Masters who commissions this sort of content for international charity Medicins Sans Frontiers.

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