How to promote a seemingly dead blog?

Creating a blog is an easy achievement, good for a newbie. But what about keeping your creation popular and doubling or tripling its audience? Sometimes people suffer from a moral debate where they have to write actual crap for the sake of popularity, or continue posting unique highly intellectual deep thoughts and see all the props and money going to an easier competitor on the market? Having some problems with blog promotion? Do you want everyone to cherish your perfect abilities? Well, then tune to some essential tips and tricks every writer should hear.

1.Create a brand. Do you want some recognition? Well, you will have to sacrifice your anonymity for this sake. Revenues always show that the interest for a certain blogger skyrockets when they out themselves and go in public. The best thing if you kept yourself a secret and now you can reveal your sex, face, identity, or at least drop a hint of who is sitting behind the screen. And we are not talking about some dirty laundry, it is about recognition. Recognition brings resonance.

2. Make your content unique. And if you already know your content is unique, then make yourself realistic. Either change the flow, the way you talk to your audience, the way you mention other people information, the way you make references. Get better every day. Try to break down the views on every article. Don't be afraid to ask what people liked best in this certain piece of information.

3. Try to balance and change your topic. People like to read relevant news, guides, impressions or dirt. Try to make a different topic every once in a while to show your different perspective to the audience. Top notch writers masterfully know how to combine serious information with a hint of personal impression without making it obvious or imposed. They feel attracted to the piece of writing, and can't explain why.

4. Write for yourself. This piece of advice can lead you to being poor and unwanted for the market, because all of us want to make a good living out of the favorite job. But if you make an article with high resonance and topically just for dollars, people will feel disgusting crunchy flavor of papers on their teeth. There is no grocer thing than a vain writer who only tries to set a number of adds and calls it a day. Respect yourself and admire the way, not only the final destination.

5. Create a content plan. Try to sort out a list of interesting topics, and keep on writing about them. Be consistent. You will need to try extra hard to work almost every day to have at least five good articles a week that will attract people who visited your blog for the first time, and usual readers. Try to make a topical, an urgent and a personal article.

6. Optimize your site. Use tags, metalanguage and check your SEO after every article. Inner and outer optimization will help you immensely in improving popularity and integration. People might like your site. They probably just don't know it yet.

7. Promote your site on social media. What is the best way to create a platform of a devoted community? Building a Friendship Before a Relationship? Introduce them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media that will help people find you. Don't forget to tag your information and add some juicy bright shots. A little face-trading never killed nobody!