How to create a unique blog?

Nowadays being a blogger is not a sensation anymore, it doesn’t require fantastic journalistic skills or even perfect grammar knowledge. But the question is, will your product sell well? Will it be any different from other offers on the market? Will you be able to become an outstanding artists that has a signature style and makes people give you credit for perfect humor or maximum informativeness? Here are some tips and tricks on how to manage, create and improve your very first blog.

1. Find someone’s inspirational style…and do the opposite. You don’t want to develop the impostor’s syndrome where you don’t give yourself enough credit? Young journalists suffer from the lack of inspiration at the beginning of their professional career because they have been “inspired” for too long. So long, they can hardly think about intellectual property being their own.

2. Find a niche and a topic. Do you want to be an underground writer who unravels secrets for the elite, or write easy and mainstream well-spoken non-resonance topic that will make crowds pleased? Decide on a moral debate.

3. Do your research. Sure, you can be niche to the point that nobody is even interested in your topic. You have to find a common ground between being original and being relevant. A quick SEO research should show you how many words and topics are trendy now, what is most Googled and which topics are the most negatively reviewed.

4. Be a reader. To be a good writer, you should be able to infiltrate into this environment where you are just a visitor, talking to a writer and giving some feedback. When you know what’s good on the opposite site, you’ll know your target audience better.

5. Don’t be anonymous. Unless you want to. People usually want to know their hero. So you should promote your name as a brand. Boost your site activity by revealing your character and breaking the forth wall. Communicate with your audience. Be relatable. Show that you are a human being, ready to answer questions and give additional information. Even if your blog gets lots of subscribers and add offers, don’t act superior, you still need to deal with feedback, even if it is negative.

6. Use catchphrases. People can remember Gossip Girl style or russian dating site, even if she was a fictional character. Use words people can repeat and joke about, either a catchy greeting or a chunk or previously unknown information where you use a healthy amount of dry humor.

7. Use links. Being an approachable author means letting people in your life. Always add things like Dropbox, your email, your Instagram or Twitter where people can see a different side of you.

8. Promote your blog. It is quite difficult if you don’t have any well-known blogger friends. Leave comments, use messengers and social media as the means of shameless self-promotion. Be courageous to ask about collabs or shutouts.

All in all, it is so important and not difficult at all! If you find good material, spend some time on journalistic basics, be active and persistent, it will pay off!