04. storytelling for the commercial sector

It’s all about the power of the story. I’ve long banged on about storytelling on this blog as well as to journalism students across the UK. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the most powerful, but undervalued crafts in journalism. A good story well told grabs people by the collar and shakes them; it can change their view of the world, make them laugh and make them cry. Most importantly, stories compel people to action, which is why they’re of value to businesses.

Imagine if you took the power of storytelling and sold it to different industries?

Storytelling for the commercial sector…

lets you practice and hone your storytelling and multimedia production skills

will help you develop story ideas and contacts to pursue as a journalist

could pay you more than editorial clients (depending on how much you’re willing to charge!)

is a virtually untapped niche, with countless businesses as potential customers

    The first bullet point there is very important. Storytelling is not a skill you can pick up and put down. It requires regular practice and development. Even the best storytellers out there – the award winners, like Ira Glass and Brian Storm – say it takes years to get storytelling right. It’ll take longer if you’re only practicing once a month.

    This option might appeal to you, but it might also repel you. This isn’t journalism after all is it? Well in Next Generation Journalist: 10 New Ways to Make Money in Journalism I’ll show you how it can be part of a wider income, with the concept of the Portfolio Career.

    In the ebook…

    …I’ll show you how you can create a portfolio career, where you have not one source of income but many, using your talents and passions in a varied and profitable way. I have put together a list of different types of business and sector who are desperate for fresh blood to walk in and show them how good story production can make them more money. On top of that you’ll get links to examples of excellent storytelling and examples of people who are already making this type of business work for them.

    It’s available for download one week today! To get your hands on a copy on the cheap, make sure your name’s in this box.

    10 new ways to make money in journalism #4

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    1. Fabienne:

      Great Blog Adam, you are an inspiration. Thanks for all that valuable input! Look forward to reading your eBook. Best of luck, Fabienne

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